Cognitive Biases Song by Brad Wray

The Cognitive Biases Song by Brad Wray


I'm biased because I knew it all along,

hindsight bias, I knew it all along

I'm biased because I put you in a category which you may or may not belong,

representativeness bias don't stereotype this song

I'm biased because of a small detail that throws off the big picture of the thing,

anchoring bias see the forest for the trees

I'm biased toward the first example that comes to my mind,

availability bias to the first thing that comes to mind

Oh oh bias don't let bias into your mind, bias don't try this,

it'll influence you thinking  and memories, don't mess with these but you're guilty of distorted thinking

With a cognitive bias, your mind becomes blinded to decisions and problems and you've been forced to solve them wrongly.

I'm biased because I'll only listen to what I agree with,

confirmation bias, you're narrow-minded if you are this

I'm biased because I take credit for success but no blame for failure,

self-serving bias my success and your failure

I'm biased when I remember things they way I would've expected them to be,

expectancy bias false memories are shaped by these

I'm biased because I think my opinion now was my opinion then,

self-consistency bias but you felt different way back when

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