Example of interplay of Type 1 and Type 2 in everyday decisions

Take a short inventory of your every day and see the interplay of Type 1 and Type 2 in making decision.

For example,

7.30 am The blue color shirt looks nice! I am going to wear it. (Type 1)

8.30 am The mee goreng mamak looks good! But oh no! I need to monitor my own diet. No mee goreng..go for the simple kuih. (Type 2 overriding Type 1)

12.30 pm Hungry! Lunch time. The curry chicken is delicious but the dish looks too oily to me.Oh no! Too good to resist. I am going to have some of it (Type 1 overriding Type 2)

3.00 pm Already late. Don't think we can get through agenda 3. Will postpone this til tomorrow (Type 2)

5.30 pm Good opportunity to exercise. I am going to walk back to my hotel room. Oh no! Drizzling. Better be safe. Take a cab (Type 2 overriding Type 1).

Which one seems to be the dominant one in most of your decisions?

As you reflect on the cognitive processes influencing your decisions, ask yourself: how would you know which predominant thinking process to use? More importantly, how do you know or decide when should you allow one type of cognitive process to override the other one, and which one you would not need to override? That's where your metacognition comes in - the monitoring of your thinking process.

Last modified: Sunday, 12 March 2017, 7:08 PM