Topic outline

  • Introduction to Medical Genetics

    Instructor: Dr Ashley Edward Roy Soosay

    Course Synopsis

    This course will discuss the basic and fundamental aspects of molecular biology and genetics. It begins with a review of what is now referred to as central dogma of molecular biology. The flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA to Protein. The five topics presented in this OCW module will cover the first part of the central dogma of molecular biology, which is the Molecule of Heredity. 

    The focus will then shift to applied knowledge of molecular genetics in medical field. Finally the course will discuss some applications of this knowledge in our everyday life. In general, this course will also address pertinent aspects of some common medical problems encountered by the society. It will highlight the underlying genetic explanation to these common medical problems.

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    • Topic 1: Molecules of Heredity

    • Topic 2: Properties of DNA

    • Topic 3: Major differences between Eukaryotic DNA and RNA

    • Topic 4: Human Chromosome

    • Topic 5: Human Karyotype

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