Topic outline

  • Academic Writing

    Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Soubakeavathi Rethinasamy & Joseph Ramanair

    Course Synopsis

    This course introduces students to the basics of Academic Writing with a focus on citing and referencing.The course starts by creating awareness on the need to refer to reliable sources of information, cite the sources referred and avoid plagiarism. The course proceeds by providing sample of reliable sources of information and how to find the information required for referencing.  Them, the students are taught how to cite and list their references according the APA style.  The emphasis throughout the course is on how to incorporate quotations, paraphrases and list references when writing for academic purposes.

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to Academic Writing

    Unit 1 aims to

    • explain why it is important to cite authority in academic writing
    • identify names of authors and editors
    • differentiate between surname, first name and other names
    • differentiate between books, edited books and journals
    • find information relevant for writing references
  • Unit 2: Citation vs Quotations

    Unit 2 aims to:

    • present two types of quotations
    • highlight the characteristics of each type of quotations
    • incorporate the use of quotations in academic writing
  • Unit 3: Paraphrasing

    Unit 3 aims to

    • demonstrate the various techniques in paraphrasing
    • use paraphrase in academic writing
  • Unit 4: Organising Citations

    Unit 4 aims to

    • cite sources with the intended focus on the information or the author
    • order citations appropriatelydepending on topic and purpose
  • Unit 5: Referencing

    Unit 5 aims to

    • write references based on the APA style.
    • cite references based on the APA style
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