Topic outline

  • Preparatory English 2

    Instructor: Mr. Chuah Kee Man (

    Course Synopsis

    • Unit 1: Congratulations, Asking for and Giving Advice

      This unit guides you on how to express congratulations, asking for and giving advice. You will also write texts on giving advice and making suggestions using modal verbs and expressions.

    • Unit 2: Describing Places

      In this unit, you will read several texts on describing places. You will also learn how adjectives and adverbs are used effectively when describing an event. 

    • Unit 3: Recounting Past Experiences

      In this unit, you will mainly learn subject verb agreement and use them appropriately. You will also learn how to write a recount with appropriate organisation and contexts. 

    • Unit 4: Reading about Health

      In this unit, you will learn how to skim for the main ideas and scan specific information, read for gist and specific details as well as inferential and interpretive meanings and how to use active and passive voice and use them appropriately.

    • Unit 5: Environment

      This unit exposes you to related reading texts on environmental issues and focuses on transfer of information from linear text to non-linear form. It also covers speaking component on how to express and justify your viewpoints. 

    • Unit 6: Social Ills

      In this unit, besides reading about social ills, you will learn how to generate ideas for an essay and presentation. The focus is on presentation skills on issues related to the topic. 

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