Topic outline

  • English in the Media

    Instructor: Chuah Kee Man

    • Unit 1: Introduction to Media and Language

      In this unit, you will be introduced to authentic texts from various reading sources and the basic language aspects of the texts.
      In addition, you are exposed to the connection between texts and images.
    • Unit 2: Advertisements

      In this unit, you will learn the functions of advertisements. It will also cover the basic principles of advertising language and the specific techniques that may be employed to convince consumers, especially in terms of language use. 

    • Unit 3: Magazines

      In this unit, you will learn the differences and similarities of articles and features. It will also learn how to decide the layout and catchy titles and subheading that attract readers to read besides learning the language features of a magazine/ feature article. Ultimately, you will learn how to write a feature article. 

    • Unit 4: Newspapers

      In this unit, you will learn various sections in the newspaper and analyze the language used in newspaper reported. Also, you will learn how information received are rephrased or presented as reported speech.

    • Unit 5: Letters to the Editor

      In this unit, you will express agreement or disagreement on various issues, distinguish fact from opinion, identify the newspapers’ views on various issues and express their opinions and views by writing a letter to the editor.

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