Topic outline

  • Computer Game Design and Development

    Instructors: Dr Dayang Nur Fatimah Awang Iskandar & Hamizan bt Sharbini

    Course Synopsis

    The computer Games Industry is emerging as a prospective contributor to the Malaysian economy. This interactive course is an excellent arena to develop student skills in games graphics, game development and hardware architecture. In addition to the theoretical elements, students will learn and use software applications and tolls for game design and its programming. Hands-on experience is emphasized in developing computer games.

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  • Topic 1: Overview of Game

    Learning Objectives:

    •Understand what is the meaning of game
    •Know the formal definition of games
    •Learn brief history about evolutionary of conventional game and video games
    •Know the taxonomy of game types
  • Topic 2: Game Concept

    Learning Objectives:

    • Convert idea into game concept
    • Define game concept
    • Learn the player’s role
    • Know the game design team’s role
    • Know the type of game design documentation
  • Topic 3: Game Genres

    Learning Objectives:

    •Learn the taxonomy of game genres
    •Understands what elements are featured in each one of the game genres
    •Know the classification of games and their interface requirements
    •Know which direction of certain genres that is suitable to be designed and developed for particular audience
  • Topic 4: Game Worlds

    Learning Objectives:

    •Know what is game world
    •Learn the game world dimensions
    •Understand what is the purpose of having game worlds in game design
  • Topic 5: Game User Interface and Level Design

    Learning Objectives:

    •Know the general principles in designing the game user interface
    •Learn how to design game level

  • Topic 6: Game Software Development Tools & Technology

    Learning Objectives:

    •Know software tools for developing games
    •Understand the trend in game tool development and technology
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