Topic outline

  • Cognition and Learning

    Instructor: Assoc Prof Dr Norazila Abd Aziz, Assoc Prof Dr Fitri Suraya & Dr Julia Lee Ai Cheng

    Course Synopsis

    This course focuses on how people learn. Students explore the mechanisms and principles of Behavioral Changes, Knowledge Acquisition, and Learning Processes that relates to the activities of the human mind. Topics covered include Behaviorist and Cognitivist theories, Human Memory, Role of Information Processing System, Knowledge Representation, Metacognition, Role of Emotions in Learning, and Higher Order thinking processes. Students also learn about Types of Intelligences and This course focuses on how people learn. Students also learn about Types of Intelligences and their relationship with the brain and learning. Students participate in in-class and online discussions which extend their understanding of topics presented in the course.

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    • Topic 1: Introduction

      This is an introduction to Cognition and Learning.

    • Topic 2: Higher Order Mental Process

      Topics covered will include Bloom's Taxonomy, Creative Thinking, and Critical Thinking.

      Students who attend this course will be exposed to the higher order thinking processes that are required to be successful professionals in the corporate world.

    • Topic 3: Metacognition

      Metacognition is a form of higher order thinking process. Successful individuals possess very high metacognitive skills that set them apart from the mediocre. At the end of this topic, students will be able to apply metacognitive skills in their professional and personal lives.

    • Topic 4: Reading, Writing, and Cognition

      Students will be able to appreciate the importance of reading and writing. In addition, they will also learn that both reading and writing are cognitive processes that require refinement throughout the years.

    • Topic 5: Emotions in Learning

      Students will learn how emotion and cognition are interrelated.

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