Topic outline

  • Plant Physiology

    Instructor: Dr Rebicca Edward

    Course Synopsis

    The aim of this course is to introduce the students to the basic functions of plant cell, interaction of heredity and environmental factors, and the various physiological processes occurring in the plant.

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    • Topic 1: Review on Cell and Plant

      To understand how plants function and grow, we will first review on the science of plant pyhsiology, and a revision on plant cell structure and function.

    • Topic 2: Influence of Heredity and Environment on Plant Behaviour

      In this topic, heredity and environment; the two factors that have influence on plant behaviour will be described in detail.

    • Topic 3: Mineral Nutrition

      For this topic, you will learn about the essential elements that are necessary for a plant to complete its life cycle (normal growth and reproduction) and the major deficiency symptoms in plants.

    • Topic 4: Reproductive and Vegetative Growth

      This topic will describe the growth and development in plant. The details that you need to know about the induction and initiation of flower and flower morphology are included.

    • Topic 5: Seed Formation and Development

      For this topic, you will learn the details on how the seed is formed.

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